Two new sawing systems from Addison Saws are bringing considerable benefits to manufacturing at AJ Binns Limited, the Hertfordshire-based specialists in washroom and changing room furniture.


Committed to producing the highest quality fittings, AJ Binns Limited has invested in a Tronzadoras TL 400A semi-automatic rising blade mitre saw and a fully automatic Tronzadoras GAA 500-90 shuttle vice saw.


Performance, accuracy and repeatability

“The growing demand for our high-quality washroom fittings meant it was clearly time to invest in new sawing technologies and benefit from the improvements in performance, accuracy and repeatability that they would bring to our processes,” comments Binns’ product designer, Matthew Cafferkey.


Cutting multiple components simultaneously

The Tronzadoras TL400A is being used to cut hook rails and seating slabs from 6063-T6 temper aluminium in lengths of up to 6.1 metres.  Equipped with an optional Tronzadoras TM automatic measuring system, it is accelerating production, enabling multiple components to be cut simultaneously, and ensuring precise repeatability between cuts. Incorporating a hand-wheel operated digital display for out-feed, the automatic measuring system allows the saw to be programmed to cut lengths of up to 3 metres, with set-up only taking seconds.


Dramatically reduced set-up times

The fully automatic Tronzadoras GAA 500-90 shuttle vice saw is being used to make 20mm wide, 90° cuts in 6063-T6 temper aluminium extrusions of up to 6.1 metres in length. It is dramatically reducing both set-up and cutting times, and has all but eliminated the creation of waste material.


Cleaner cuts

“With our old manually operated chop saw, we measured then cut each component individually – a process that was exceptionally time consuming. The advantages the new Addison machines are providing in terms of accuracy, speed, cleaner cuts and reduced scrap are considerable,” adds Matthew Cafferkey. “As our production requirements are typically bespoke to customer need, however, cutting accuracy and ease of set-up are more important to us than speed. Hence, we haven’t properly considered the time savings that our new saws are providing. They are, however, significantly quicker. Quantities that would have perhaps previously taken a week to cut are now typically completed over the equivalent of a day and a half.”


Genuine interest in requirement

Before placing their machine order with Addison Saws, AJ Binns Limited considered products from a number of different suppliers. “Addison Saws were competitive on price and quick to answer all our questions,” says Matthew Cafferkey. “They demonstrated a genuine interest in our requirements and were happy to advise on the best solutions.”


Service agreement and discounted spare parts

“We were delighted to secure this important order from AJ Binns Limited, and help them to achieve greater efficiencies in the production of their highly regarded washroom furniture,” comments Addison Saws’ regional sales manager, Darren Creasey. “For ongoing peace-of-mind long outside the warranty period, AJ Binns Limited also took out a service plan agreement with us. This provides the benefits of an annual scheduled service for each saw, plus a 15% discount on spare parts and engineer visits.” 



AJ Binns Limited – furniture for washrooms

Founded in 1937, AJ Binns Limited has grown to become one of the country’s leading providers of specialist furniture for washrooms and changing rooms. The company’s solutions can be found in workplaces and training centres; schools, colleges and universities; golf and sports club washrooms, and across the theatre and leisure sectors. AJ Binns Limited also provides specialist solutions for ‘high care area’ changing facilities, with lockers specially designed to keep clean and dirty clothing separate. The company’s product range includes coat hook systems, changing room benches, lockers, toilet cubicles, clothes hangers, as well as bespoke washroom solutions. Its multi-hook Variset® range won a Design Council Award and was subsequently developed to include more products. AJ Binns Limited also has a separate division which specialises in the manufacture of security fencing.