A new programmable autopos system from Addison Saws – the sole UK supplier of sawing technologies from Tronzadoras MG – is set to take the benefits of using automatic end stops even further.
Operator input errors removed
This new technology, which has been developed for Addison Saws by Tronzadoras MG, enables customers to download their cutting requirements onto a flash drive for direct input into the autopos’s NC control. As a result, the possibility of machine operators entering incorrect cutting data is removed.
Easily created cutting lists
The cutting list is a simple Excel CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file that can be created within the office area of a business. Multiple cutting lists can also be produced – reducing both cutting time and production costs. 
Enhanced repeatability
“For some time, we have been looking at how we can offer greater levels of repeatability by removing the need for machine operators to enter cutting data manually into autopos systems – a stage where human error can creep in,” comments Sales Manager, Chris Wilson. “By removing the necessity to manually enter this data, cutting time is also accelerated.”
Generate bespoke cutting data files
Addison Saws’ work with Tronzadoras MG has resulted in a highly affordable solution whereby customers can quickly and easily generate their own cutting data output files from production spreadsheets. Alternatively, the technology can be supplied with a specially developed software package for uploading cutting data direct to the saw.
Available as a retrofit option
“We are offering this advanced autopos solution with several new sawing systems and as a retrofit option with a number of manual and NC-controlled saws,” adds Chris Wilson. “These range from light-duty aluminium fabrication models to heavy-duty steel cutting machines. For more information, call us on 01384 264950.