In May this year, Mecal, our leading Machining Centre manufacturer celebrated their 40th birthday by thanking the suppliers and dealers worldwide who have helped them reach this important milestone. To celebrate, Mr. Ennio and Mrs. Rosella, the owners of Mecal, hosted a spectacularly elegant party based at their 32,000 sqft manufacturing plant in Frascarolo, Italy – which was attended by over 400 people connected to the company.

Addison Saws' Gary Knight, MD and Malcolm Russon, Technical director were proud to have been invited to the occasion and commented that Mecal really had shown tremendous hospitality and appreciation to all who have supported them throughout the years. From fine food and lively music to champagne and one of the most impressive fireworks displays seen this side of the millennium (watch them here), it certainly was a night to remember.  

A quick glance at our website should make it clear that Mecal are one of our most accomplished manufacturers, and we've been working with them since 2002 to build a successful, satisfied customer base within the UK.


All of us here at Addison Saws would like to congratulate Mecal on their business anniversary and we wish them many, many successful years to come.  


To watch the official party video, visit: