Manufacturer Spotlight – Imet Saws

IMET is a familiar brand to many within the metal working industry, for those not in the know – they specialise in industrial metal cutting bandsaws and circular saws, and not just in the UK. From their state-of-the-art factory in Cisano Bergamasco, Italy, IMET have been researching, developing, and producing world-leading industrial saws for over 50 years. As a result, they have an incredible 57 different bandsaw machines and 17 circular saws within their range, designed to accommodate every type of manufacturer – from small artisan workshops, steel workers and through to the heavy construction industry.

Priding themselves on being an innovation-lead manufacturer, and investing heavily in real-life research and development, Imet use the highest quality materials, tools, components, and manufacturing machinery to produce their extensive range. The saw manufacturer also knows the importance of choosing the right machine for specific manufacturing requirements, which is why they invest in Okuma machining centres, Bystronic tube bending machinery, schneider electrical components and Bonfigiloli gear box / motors for their own production line.


A closer look at Imet’s range of saws


The Premium Line

Consisting of 48 different industrial saw models (35 bandsaw machines 300-680mm capacity & 17 circular saws up to 300mm capacity), the premium line is Imet’s largest machine range in terms of machine quantity. These compact bandsaws and circular saws are designed for small and medium workshop applications.  All of Imet’s premium saws are pivot style band saws and circular saws, available in manual operation through to automatic cutting via an advanced control unit.

Imet Cubo 300 NC box bandsaw image
Imet Cubo 300 is one of the latest additions to the Imet premium line











The Maxi Line 

Imet’s Maxi machinery line has been designed for large scale manufacturers cutting substantial quantities of large sized materials. This range includes 26 saws with capacities starting at 310mm up to 1200mm and include machines capable of bundle cutting. The maxi line is designed and built for ultimate performance and endurance when working on demanding processes. Many of these saws feature cutting-edge touchscreen computer technology and software designed to optimise the cutting process quickly and easily.

Ktech 652 bandsaw Maxi industrial band saw
The Ktech 652 from Imet’s Maxi range of bandsaws


Imet at Addison Saws

12 years of partnership has created a strong business relationship, with both companies working together to serve the UK manufacturing industry in the best way possible, taking our customer’s needs into account at every stage. Over the last few years, we have seen over 500 Imet bandsaws and circular saws leave the Addison showroom, a testament to the quality of these metal cutting machines.


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