Dynashape, the UK’s most experienced sawblade servicing and manufacturing specialist, has invested some £500,000 in the very latest robotic CNC sawblade production technologies.
This significant outlay adds five new CNC machines to Dynashape’s already extensive capabilities and further enhances the exacting levels of service that the business is able to offer to its growing customer base. The machinery will take pride of place in Dynashape’s new £300,000 Servicing Centre of Excellence, which is scheduled to open in Stourbridge, West Midlands, in autumn 2015.
Re-manufacturing, never re-sharpening
“Dynashape is already recognised across the UK for its uncompromising sawblade servicing and refurbishing capabilities,” comments Operations Director, Chris Parkes. “This is because rather than ‘sharpen’ blunt blades, our approach is to ‘re-manufacture’ them using advanced CNC machinery – the same machinery as is used by leading sawblade manufacturers globally. As a result, our customers benefit from blades that, time after time, can be re-manufactured to perform as precisely and as efficiently as they did when new – and all for significantly less than the cost of purchasing new blades.”
Improving on OEM solutions
Dynashape’s commitment to re-manufacturing means much more than providing its customers with sawblades that meet ‘as new’ tolerances. Thanks to its use of advanced CNC machining technologies and CAD packages, the company can also enhance new blades that improve on OEM-supplied products, as well as create bespoke cutting solutions and tooth profiles for superior results when cutting all manner of materials. An example of this is Dynashape’s ability to manufacture ‘special plastics’ blades with a unique side-grind tooth design for the creation of an aesthetically pleasing ‘diamond-polished’ finish when cutting acrylics.
The UK’s complete sawblade service
“Accuracy, longevity and repeatability are essential to all our customers, regardless of whether they are manufacturing fine furniture or are cutting cardboard, ferrous or non-ferrous metals, laminates or composites,” adds Chris Parkes. “By investing in the latest 4-, 5- and 6-axis high precision CNC sawblade production technologies from leading manufacturers including Loroch GmbH, Vollmer and Walter, we offer our customers the most comprehensive one-stop solution for manufacturing and re-manufacturing TCT and SHSS sawblades, as well as PCD tooling.”
The CNC sawblade re-manufacturing and tooling technologies offered by Dynashape include:
  • Precision Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) sawblade servicing and manufacturing
  • Solid High Speed Steel (SHSS) sawblade servicing and manufacturing
  • Standard and custom-made Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tooling