A unique range of tube and pipe bending machines designed to give the best bends possible in the quickest times.

30 years within the construction industry has given MACKMA a clear understanding of the value and quality and repeatability required from their range of machines, and they pride themselves on providing it.

The Technology

MACKMA tube benders are the only non-mandrel machines on the market that allow for both left and right bending. Their cantilever head allows the creation of complex figures, which require the pipe to pass under the head. Integrated connections for du-burring tools are also available, which allow the operator to quickly remove steel and ferrous residues after cutting the pipe. They're also greener than your average machine, every model is fitted with an inverter to control power consumption during operation.

 We believe these machines could well be the best money can buy in terms of quality and value within the non-mandrel machinery sector. 

Here at Addison, we have a range of MACKMA machinery available to view and demo in our showroom and although not yet on the website, we welcome any questions in relation to the newest addition to our range, simply call us on 01384 264950, alternatively you can visit the MACKMA website for details on their full range here.

The professional range eliminates defects on the intrados and extrados of a bent tube, a result which is unique to MACKMA machinery

All that with a 2 year warranty.

To read more, visit their site here.