A new Mecal MC 309 Nike CNC machining centre from Addison Saws is enabling Stayfix Architectural Aluminium Systems to halve production lead times.

With business growing significantly, Park Royal-based Stayfix had begun outsourcing the machining of components for several of its window and curtain walling systems. “This approach was fine as an interim measure,” says company director, Kiran Bhudia. “However, with growing sales and an ongoing drive to provide even higher levels of quality and service, we took the decision to invest in a manufacturing solution that would enable us to bring all our machining back in-house.” Full demonstration of capabilities

“To begin with, we had a few CNC machines from different manufacturers in mind. None, however, seemed quite so well suited to our requirements as the 3+1-axis Mecal MC 309 Nike from Addison Saws,” adds Kiran Bhudia.

“Addison’s were particularly helpful and informative throughout the entire buying process. By providing a full demonstration of the machining centre’s capabilities, including extensive cutting trials, they ensured we understood fully how investing in the Mecal would benefit our business and satisfy our ongoing production requirements. With the machine now in place, we have been able to reduce our lead times by 50%.”

Streamlining production process

With its intuitive operator interface, the Mecal MC 309 Nike has streamlined Stayfix’s manufacturing processes. Able to machine components of up to 6540mm in length, it can easily accommodate even the larger extrusionsused by the aluminium systems business. The Nike’s 3+1-axis configuration allows full use of the automatic tool change capability when working at any angle through 180°, enabling drilling, milling and tapping processes to be carried out in one seamless operation, and accelerating the production of drainage slots and apertures for locks and handles.

In addition to the Mecal MC 309 Nike machining centre, Stayfix also purchased a Mecal SW 453 Plug double mitre saw and two Tronzadoras semi-automatic upstroke aluminium sawing machines from Addison Saws. The Mecal SW 453 Plug double mitre saw was selected for its ability to provide a fully automatic sawing solution for extrusion, prior to CNC machining. Rapid payback on investment

“We expect our total investment to pay for itself in under 18 months, thanks to the sheer volume of work we are now able to process and our significantly reduced lead times,” concludes Kiran Bhudia. “Nearly all our customers have come to see the Mecal CNC machine in action, with several awarding us greater levels of work in light of our new production capabilities.”