Future-proof metal cutting

As Europe starts to focus more and more on operator safety in manufacturing, enclosed and fully guarded saws are likely to become the norm in the not-so-distant future. We have several options if you’re looking to get ahead and add a pre-built enclosed bandsaw to your factory, and these industrial machines are designed and built by globally recognized manufacturers. This blog will focus on Imet machines, but as the ranges grow, we will add links to other brands at the bottom of this blog. If you want to know why you should be looking at guarded horizontal bandsaws, read our PUWER blog here, or read the regulation text here.


Imet Cubo BOX bandsaw range

The CUBO BOX range is the basic level of guarding offered by Imet. It features what is recognised as more traditional bandsaw guarding, while they’re not completely enclosed, these automatic saws have 4 integrated barrier panels. This ensures operators safety during the cutting process and allow access for maintenance / manual machine cleaning. The CUBO BOX range is available in 3 one-way mitre NC models with cutting capacities of 255 to 310 mm.

You can see the range here: Imet CUBO BOX 300 NC / Imet CUBO BOX 350 NC / Imet CUBO BOX 400 NC

Imet Cubo 300, the out-of-the-box fully guarded bandsaw ensures user safety.
Imet XSMART enclosed bandsaws – Industry 4.0 ready.

This is the mid-range guarded bandsaw collection featuring a fully enclosed design and straight cut capabilities. XSMART band saws boast cutting capacities of 310mm up to 260mm, 7” touchscreens and 500mm integrated feeders – contained within the guard enclosure.

See the Xsmart range:  XSMART 3   /  XSMART 4

Imet X-smart enclosed safety focused guarded band saw
Fully enclosed bandsaw from Imet, completely protected by the outer box to provide maximum security to the user and protect the machine / material.


Imet XT enclosed bandsaws – Industry 4.0 ready.

The newest range from Imet and touched on above, the XT range is their most technologically advanced and feature packed enclosed guarded bandsaw to date. CNC automatic cutting via 10” touchscreen panel and loaded with a settings and material library, not only is this an out-of-the-box PUWER II compliant saw, it’s also incredibly simple to use with easy access panels to allow users inside the machine – as long as it’s not running!


Explore the range here: Imet XT4  /  Imet XT5  /  Imet XT6


Imet XT4 guarded bandsaw
Imet XT4 fully enclosed saw, their top of the range guarded machine is Industry 4.0 ready – arguably one of the most technologically advanced band saws on the market.



That about wraps it up for Imet guarded sawing machines for now, we will update this blog as new machines are released. Stay tuned for our blog on Everising enclosed and guarded bandsaws and circular saws coming soon!