Our sister company dynashape are stepping up their offring with the new sawblade continuous supply and improvement program. In short, it means you will always have the right amount of the most productive blades for your production line. Their state of the art CNC technology will also ensure you get more value for money and generally a redcution in cost per cut – which can be a saving of up to 40% (see metsec story here). 


Read on to find out more from dynashape.


We offer a unique consultancy service that endeavors to streamline your process – from always having the correct blades for the job, reducing waste and cost, to further increasing productivity with a continuous flow of new and re-manufactured blades chosen specifically for your application. Our aim is to continually be on hand to advise and recommend processes that inevitability will save you money in the long run and in today's manufacturing cycle where running streamlined, cost-effective systems are key it really does pay to use our service.



continuous supply



Skilled technical advisors will visit your site to spend time analysing production numbers and gaining specific insight into your production process. This is done in order to fully understand your requirements when it comes to selecting the correct blade or bandsaw coil. All information gained is totally confidential and will remain within the confines of your business.


We will take away your current blades for the purposes of analysing both material and geometrics to ensure you are receiving the correct quality and expected lifespan. We will also determine whether improvements can be made on the quality of blades used and whether 'cuts per blade' can be increased. On a recent contract we managed to save the customer 40% on the cost of new blades.


Samples of your current blades can be taken away for in-house testing here at Dynashape. This will save any disruption to your own manufacturing process. We will use them to cut material on our own range of sawing machinery in order to determine whether we can improve on blade quality as well as increase the amount of 'cuts per blade'.


Blades that are proven to withstand rigourous in-house testing are returned to your facility for verification on your own machinery using your material and monitored by your operators. Key Dynashape personnel will be on-site to ensure all angles are covered in terms of cutting speed, finish quality and blade wear and tear.


After we have specified the best blade for your specific application we will present you with a 'continuous supply proposal' outlining recommended monthly blade supply numbers, feed and speed rates and re-sharpening schedules – designed to re-manufacture your used blades to 'as new' quality – thanks to our state of the art CNC technology. Keeping your consumable costs down are our priority.


Once contracts are signed Dynashape will supply your blades at regualr intervals, taking your used blades away for re-sharpening. Typically for around 75% of its useable life, a remanufactured blade will perform likie new so expect to save some serious money when using our service. Technical staff will visit on a regular basis to ensure all is running correctly and to make any minor adjustments to processes if needed.

If you are interested in speaking to Dynshape about this service, please contact them on 01384 264 954.