Tronzadoras MG
19th October 2016

Welcome to week 2 of our brand focus series! 

This week we are looking at the Spanish Aluminium saw manufacturer Tronzadoras MG, a company that has been in saw manufacturing since 1972 and now operate out of a 10,500m2  factory.

Addison Saws Ltd have been exclusive UK agents of MG products for 10 years now, supplying hundreds of their strong and reliable machines to manufacturers within a vast range of industries, including many with unusual or ground-breaking applications.

Tronzadoras have recently reported sales of over 180,000 units worldwide, mainly through their network of distributors. The popularity of their machinery can, in large, be attributed to their understanding of the industries the machines go into. Another leading factor in their popularity is the customer lead innovation found within their product portfolio. The most notable example in recent years is the Autopos system, which allows users to download their cutting data sheet(s) in Excel csv format onto a usb drive for direct input to the machine. See the autopos system here.

USB Autopos system

Another recent release adds the TR-12 drilling and tapping unit to a selection of their CNC rising blade saws, which allows for two extra functions which would otherwise be completed on a separate machine, saving time and the expense of additional machinery and operators. Innovations like the TR-12 unit are what have contributed to this company achieving global supplier status.

Addison Saws stock the aluminium cutting range of Tronzadoras machinery as we believe that they are some of the best available in the UK within the aluminium saw sector.

You can check out Tronzadoras MG for yourself here.

Thank you for reading week 2! If you would like to know more about any of the manufacturers mentioned in our blog series, please feel free to contact us on 01384 264 950 or through our website,


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