Powers Saws in the UK
9th May 2017

Powers Saws in the UK

In ages past all sawing was done by hand i.e. manually, with a lot of elbow grease and sometimes blood... but that that was then and this is now, and as ‘cutting edge’ technology has progressed, it found it's way in the sawing industry and powers saws have fast replaced the older hand operated saws of yesteryears.

Today there is a veritable plethora of power and mechanical saws available for the UK market and these are available both brand new as well as used models for the more price conscious yet discerning industrial consumer. Some of the popular power saw types that are widely used in British industry include:

 Chain Saws

The amazing chainsaw is arguably one of the most popular and well known saws around. This in part has to do a lot with extensive usage in Hollywood horror films such as the ‘Texas Chain saw massacre.” However, this type of saw is not just a ‘prop’ for movies but a very handy tool indeed for many industrial applications, chief of which is in the lumbering sector where the saw’s gasoline fired engine makes sure that it can effortlessly slice though the toughest of tree trunks ( such as Walnut and Ash) like a ‘hot knife through butter.’

 Buzz saws

A buzz saw is also sometimes called a circular saw because of the shape of its blade which is round in shape with a perforation in the middle that acts as a hinge on which it is attached to a powerful motor. The blade on this type of saw is studded with razor sharp notches ( some of them may be diamond tipped for added life and cutting prowess) and these notches are the ‘teeth’ with which it bites into what ever material that It cuts, using a rotary motion spinning around an arbour. Such saws are widely available in the UK today and are used in a large variety of cutting operations and can slice through both wood and ceramics with relative ease.

 Band saws

A platform based band saw is somewhat different from the ‘buzz saw’ in the sense that it has an elongated blade that is attached to a powerful motor that in turn is affixed to a platform.

The articles that need to be cut and sawed to exacting measurements are placed on the platform and pushed towards the vertical blade, that typically consists of sharp notches attached to a band that moves at a very high speed, thereby enabling the notches to cut though just about any object placed on the platform. The main advantage of using band saws is that they are able to cut both uniformly and smoothly since the platform is stable and the serrated edge move at a very high speed indeed to ensure uniform cuts.

However, as with any type of power saw, it is imperative that all safety precautions are taken into consideration and only highly trained and qualified personnel use such machinery.

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