Importance of Metal Tools Maintenance
7th August 2017

At Addison Saws, we pride ourselves on providing the perfect machines for all of our customers taking into account the solution they are needed for. With the UK’s largest range of sawing machines and 60 years of industry experience, we are the ideal choice for anyone looking for band saws, cold saws, machining centres and saw blades. While we are aware that selecting the correct machine is one of the most important factors in ensuring our customers experience the best return on their investments, we also know that the quality and output experienced can be improved further by keeping the machines and consumables in good condition. In fact, ensuring that your metal cutting machinery and Machining Centres are properly maintained and serviced once they have been purchased can have more benefits than first thought, some of these are explained below.



Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your machines in the best possible condition; after a while, as with all machinery, saws can suffer from the effects of wear and tear to their components. Servicing the machines regularly (dependent on usage) helps users to identify any wearing components and allows any issues to be rectified before knock on affects occur to other areas of the machine, therefore reducing break downs or loss of performance.


Prolonged Life

Monitoring the condition of the machine’s consumables such as saw blades, tooling and lubricants is essential to prolonging the life of the machine. For example, persevering with a blunt blade can increase the strain on your machine, in addition to possibly having a negative effect on the quality of the cuts it produces. At Addison’s we provide a blade remanufacturing service through our sister company, Dynashape which in essence takes your old blades and sharpens them to such a high standard that they will constantly give the same performance as new blades for 70% of its entire life. This reduces overall costs without sacrificing quality.



Waiting until a machine breaks down before you give any thought to maintenance or servicing can ultimately by a very costly decision. This is due to having to pay for an engineer to come and fix a problem or replace components, which is evidently going to be much more costly than just getting a regular check over. Perhaps an even more costly consequence is the down time of not having an important machine running because not only can this negatively affect profitability but also credibility, if products have been promised for a certain date that cannot be met.


Health and safety

Arguably the most critical reason for frequent maintenance of machines are for the health and safety benefit that will be achieved. Its common knowledge that factories and industrial workplaces can be dangerous environments to work in if caution isn’t at the forefront of your mind, but when your workplace is filled with metal fabricating machinery, risk avoidance is essential. So, by regularly monitoring machines any bad practices or human errors can be highlighted much quicker, thus reducing the risk of injury. This is in addition to any machine malfunctions, also beings attention to issues that may potentially cause harm to the operator.


For more information on our machinery servicing, call 01384 264 950 and ask to be put through to the service department, or alternatively fill in an enquiry from here.


If blade re-manufacturing is a service your business could benefit from, contact Dynashape on 01384 264 954 to discuss your requirements and current process.       

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