Focus on cutting your costs for 2018
17th July 2018


With the addition of Dynashape to the Addison group, we have been on an interesting learning curve involving some of the largest manufacturers in the country; all of which at the time used multiple sources for supply of their machinery, sawblades, lubricants, and sawblade servicing. After tendering for elements of this business it quickly became crystal clear that there was a heavy focus on COST of PRODUCT, and not enough attention paid to total year end savings through efficiency and higher performance products considering more subliminal elements like downtime due to completely avoidable shortened tool life.

Below we have tried to quantify the key elements of focus and provision that have seen all of these manufacturers gain significant year end cash savings through cost of product and increased efficiency. These findings are based on real clients, some of which we have already run editorial material on regarding the benefits they receive from working in partnership with Addison and Dynashape.

1.       Resistance to total supply.

This seems to be a UK wide attitude, where manufacturers do not want to put ‘all our eggs in one basket’ and prefer to keep their options open. This often presents unrecognised issues, for example, you have a provider for a saw machine and another for sawblades. You are experiencing cutting issues, the saw guy blames the blade, some days later the blade guy appears and blames the machine. You get it, it wastes a lot of time, and we all know time is money. This is all too common, but still we don’t want all our eggs in that proverbial basket.

2.       There is a better way.

Flip this around for a different perspective, you can only apply a small amount of pressure to each of your suppliers, and they are understandably not fully committed having only a portion of your business. To make this work as well as it has we have analysed multiple processes in detail, advising on improving performance with better practice through training, providing more productive equipment, introducing higher performance more cost-effective tooling and servicing.

3.       How we do it at the Addison Group!

Being a total supplier gives the client ultimate power, and us ultimate pressure to perform as there is an awful lot to lose. We have distinct advantages in the following areas, and when combined are an unbeatable combination of services:

Machine supply.

We are not going to bang on about this too much, there is a lot of choice out there, Addison have been leading the metal sawing, machining and tube bending markets since 1956. We have long established providers of very high quality and extremely productive equipment, some of which now come with a two-year warranty, which is rare in this game. Our sales team are the most experienced in their field, providing precise information and solutions to the most challenging applications.

Service and spares.

Very, very important. We live and die by our aftersales performance, we always try our best to under promise and over deliver. We have recently doubled the size of our field service team with quality highly experienced engineers sourced from our competition. You can be confident you are going to receive the absolute best of service from our team.

Sawblades & Lubricants.

This where we can make a big difference quickly, we are the largest provider/manufacturer of metal cutting blades, with a massive range of high performance products at industry leading prices. We supply everything from cold saws, slitting saws, tct saws, knife blades, and bandsaw blades from Simonds to name a few. Products produced in our own factory are exported all over the world, with current production levels exceeding 100,000 units per month. In short if anyone can improve your process to the maximum, it is us. Our sawing focussed range of lubricants will deliver on performance over standard generic products, sawing has unique requirements against other machining processes.

Sawblade servicing.

We have found the some of the biggest improvements can be made in this area. A common question is “why do my new sawblades perform worse the first time they are sharpened” easy short answer “they are not done correctly or full process has not been carried out, shortcuts have been taken” . We want to give you the detail as it is important you can identify with key failings that are costing valuable year end savings, regardless of how cheap your current service appears to be. 

Grinding with old inferior equipment will do it for sure, we use full cnc robot loaded machines (the same as your blades are originally produced on) these machines exactly re-produce the correct tooth form time and time again. It is true these machines have default toothing profiles within the cnc, believe it or not we never use them. We have full cad/cam and with our experience have over many years developed superior profiles for our standard blades, including many bespoke designs to maximise process for clients with demanding and special applications.

Cutting corners, this is very common, especially on TCT sawblades where common practice is to only regrind the top of the tooth. This results it immediate degradation of performance, this also reduces the life of the blade by at least 40%. This is easily spotted by noticing the tooth height reducing fast to reveal short wide tooth facets. A lot of companies do this as it is not commercially viable for them to do full process as it takes roughly twice as long to complete, we can do it all of the time as our machines work overnight lights out. This cheat is a real money burner that is not often spotted, you will sharpen the blade more frequently, get poor performance and greatly reduced overall life leading to more blade purchases. Add this up and you will begin to see where we are going with this.

Trials with a major automotive producer on TCT sawblades saw our process consistently improve their blade life by 30 to 40% and obtain 50% more regrinds per blade on 400 blades per week that is a massive saving.


We have the combined expertise to process review in all areas to maximise your production efficiency and deliver those all-important coat savings that we all want.

The conclusion:

Consider a change, allow us one chance to work closely to show you what improvements can be made that you can benefit from, none of what we do is anecdotal it is all visible, but it does take a little time for the cost savings to appear. So far, we have 100% record in providing year end cost savings with new clients, resulting in rapid growth in this area of our company.


Gary Knight - Managing Director




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