The worlds largest capacity compound double mitre saw is launched at the Paris Batimat show by leading producer Mecal. The SW622 sets a new benchmark, with patented design technology allowing 600mm saw blades to give a width cutting capacity far greater than any competitive machine.

Available in 3+2 axis or full 5 axis the clever design directs the cutting action in one of two directions. For profiles 200mm width or less a conventional vertical rising blade cycle is used, for large profiles the saw blade moves forward under the cutting table then rises before retracting horizontally across the table and finally lowering to the rest position.

Another new feature is an animated back fence, unlike other machines this one does not cut away the rear fence when intermediate and compound angles are cut.

There are many more innovative features in this brand new machine, for more information and quotation call now 01384 264950 or email [email protected]