Invertec Interiors, the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of lighting and interior systems for public transport and commercial vehicles, has purchased a new Mecal MC 305 Kosmos 4-axis CNC machining centre and a Mecal CN double mitre saw from Addison Saws.


Invertec has recently secured a major order for the manufacture of train doors, cupboards, vestibules and electrical cabinets for a leading locomotive and carriage builder. The Mecal CNC machining centre will be used to fabricate components from a range of aluminium extrusions after they have been cut to length using the Mecal double mitre saw – an SW 453 Plug model.


Extending manufacturing capability

“An increase in orders required our business to move to three manufacturing shifts per day,” comments Invertec’s Operations Director, Andrew Speers. “To facilitate this, we naturally required additional machining capability. An initial option was outsourcing, however the business case did not fully support this approach, as it would mean increased reliance on outside suppliers. We, therefore, looked at increasing our own manufacturing capability and contacted a number of CNC machine providers.”


Outstanding technical support and guidance

Addison Saws already enjoys a well-established relationship with Invertec, having supplied a Mecal ‘Duo’ CNC machining centre and a Mecal CN saw to the business several years ago. The Mecal machines have consistently provided trouble-free operation and Addison Saws has assisted Invertec with technical support, guidance and even advice regarding the best way to fabricate certain components.


Building a strong relationship

“When it came down to it, Addison Saws was able to demonstrate a much greater understanding of our production requirements,” adds Andrew Speers. “We also wanted to continue working with them in order to build an even stronger relationship. For example, they have already helped us to develop offline programming for our new Mecal machining centre.


Supplied ex-stock, Invertec’s new Mecal MC 305 Kosmos 4-axis CNC machining centre will be used to mill, drill and tap aluminium extrusions typically measuring 4 metres long by 200mm wide. These will be first cut to length using the Mecal CN SW 453 double mitre saw.


“The installation process and subsequent operator training for both new machines was fantastic,” continues Andrew Speers. “The new Mecal CNC machining centre is also significantly quicker than our existing model. Addison Saws is a very professional company that provides high levels of support. It’s for that reason that in addition to purchasing the new Mecal machines from Addison’s, we also signed a service contract with them to cover all our Mecal equipment.”



the Mecal MC 305 Kosmos 4-axis CNC machining centre

The Mecal MC 305 Kosmos machining centre chosen by Invertec is equipped to automatically machine, drill, mill, slot and prep both aluminium and steel extrusion bars. Providing immense flexibility, it is also well suited to new product development, while its high levels of accuracy and repeatability ensure minimal waste.


  • TF version with manual clamps and laser pointer
  • DPM version with automatic clamps positioned by head
  • MMI version with automatic motorised vices
  • A-axis profile rotation +125° to -125° to work 3 sides
  • Encoded rotation to work intermediate angles
  • Main spindle does all work with full use of the magazine
  • Full CAM-3D software
  • Integration with external software
  • 4000mm working length
  • Open ends to allow machining up to 8000mm
  • Centralised 8-tool automatic magazine
  • Zero stops at each end to work multiple profiles
  • Automatic centralised lubrication system
  • Option for angle drive head to work front & back sides
  • Option for 7.5kw head and rigid tapping function