What can you expect to see from the Addison Saws Stand – E70

Addison Saws are making their exciting debut at the FIT 2017 show at the NEC – 23rd-25th May and in response to demand are taking along a record of 9 impressive machines for buyers and specifiers to view.
Having been at the forefront of metal sawing technology for over 60 years and widely considered as a market leading company offering total solutions to the metal working industry, Addison Saws are ready to take the door and window fabrication industry by storm.
‘Of course, the Addison name is associated with far more than just sawing. We are innovators in metal cutting technologies and offer a truly extensive range of full CNC machine tools and machining centres from the world’s premier manufacturers, as is evident in the machines we are bringing to FIT. We would like to invite show visitors  to come and see the machines in action, and see for themselves the exciting technology that can help them in their fabrication process ’ – Gary Knight – MD
Addison’s CNC machinery manufacturer and distribution partner, Mecal will take centre stage showing 4 machines from across their range, including;
Mecal TDC 662 Dynacut 3A Machining Centre*:

With years of experience in design and production Mecal have achieved levels of excellence that has ensured their success on an international scale. As sole UK distributor, Addison is proud to showcase the latest addition to the Mecal range – the Mecal TDC 662 Dynacut 3A. A heavy duty 3 Axis large capacity double mitre saw for aluminium which has industry leading cutting capacities due to a patented rising blade reverse radial cutting action which uses more of the 600mm sawblade area than any other machine available on the market. The sawblades can be tilted one way internally 90 degree to 45 degree with servo positioning of intermediate cutting angles which are set within the CNC control.

A truly impressive machine that is well worth a look!
Mecal Geos 5 Axis Machining Centre
Also making its UK exhibition debut is the MC 302 Geos-5 which is available in three options suitable for machining profiles up to 8,600mm, 10,600mm and 12,600mm in length. This 5 Axis machine allows for milling, drilling, tapping and cutting on 5 sides of aluminium, PVC, steel and light alloy profiles.
Mecal Kosmos 4 Axis Machining Centre
The Mecal MC 305 Kosmos is a floor-type vertical spindle machining centre featuring open ends which allows machining to 5 sides of aluminium, PVC and steel profiles of up to 8000mm in length by means of the dedicated tools. So far the Kosmos has proved to be one of the best-selling machines within the range and offers a high programming functional capacity by using three dimensional graphics software. Visit us on stand to learn more..
Mecal Nike 3 Axis Machining Centre
The Mecal MC 309 Nike machining centre is equipped to automatically machine, drll, mill, slot and prep both aluminium and steel extrusion bars. Providing immense flexibility, it is also well suited to new product development, while its high level s of accuracy and repeatability ensure minimal waste.
Pressta Eissele 650E
Known as the Prisma 650E this machine offers variable notching possibilities for mullion and transom combinations, ie; curtain walls, winter garden, sky lights and special designs. It has a 4-axis adjustment of saw blades which are positioned via an electronic control panel which adjusts the notch height, the swivel vertical blade, swivel vertical and horizontal blades together, and the material stop depth.
Pressta Eissele PR5000
The Pressta Eissele PR5000 is a corner crimping machine designed to crimp aluminium profiles up to 160mm with a pressing height of 130mm / 145mm. The pneumatic press operation is via leverage with 56kn power going off to each head. The crimping points are adjustable at 25 – 60mm with 3 sets of crimping tools 3, 5 and 7mm. To talk about the additional features of the PR5000 or 650E see one of our technical staff on stand E70.
Tronzadoras TL352 + MPS Roller Table
Available as a manual or semi-automatic rising blade mitre saw, the model shown will be complete with roller table, suitable for cutting aluminium and plastics, left and right mitre through 180 degrees +/-90 degrees. Additional features include hydro-pneumatic feeding of the sawblade, precise control of the cutting feed rate, a moveable back fence for wider cut capacity and a blade stroke limiter for fast repetitious cutting.
Tronzadoras TL600
A semi-automatic rising blade mitre saw with left and right mitre through 180 degree + / -90 degree with the same impressive features as the TL352 but able to manufacture at a bigger capacity.
In conclusion, Addison can offer more than just ‘sawing’ options to the fabricating market. With extensive experience and affiliations with leading global brands, Addison are best placed to offer you the next solution to the challenging changes faced in fabrication today.
*Dynacut link leads to the Edgemaster page on the Mecal website, the closest machine in terms of functionality to view. This link 3will be present until the new Dynacut page has been activated by the manufacturer.