The first half of 2017 saw Addison increase their offering to include dedicated workshop machinery, bringing on board brands such as Kingsland and Mackma, and machines to cover drilling, bending, punching, pressing and cutting.

Now that the second half of the year is well under way, Addison’s primary focus is to expand their core product range covering steel  / aluminium and PVC cutting machinery and after looking at various options and analysing quality and cost options, Addison is very pleased to be able to welcome two new brands to the fold.


From their state of the art factory based in Turkey, Kesmak have been manufacturing bandsaw machines since 1995 and their range is able to easily deal with various applications. Their ethos of bringing superb precision and accuracy to the build quality of their machines has resulted in an excellent reputation that has extended far into Europe. Quality and value for money lie at the heart of everything they do and because of this Addison is proud to be able to offer this range to their customer base.

OZ Machinery

After visiting their 16,000m2 manufacturing plant in Istanbul it soon became obvious to both the MD and Sales Director of Addison that OZ Machinery was a company completely dedicated to offering only the very best quality led machines at very cost-effective prices and short lead times – well placed it seems to contend with the major players in the industry.

Bringing over 37 years of industry knowledge and experience to the market, OZ is now a leading manufacturer offering over 60 machines to the processing of aluminium and PVC profiles as well as additional ranges suitable for iron and steel profiles.

The company is a fully integrated, technology led facility, manufacturing all components in-house and well able to offer custom solutions quickly and efficiently.

‘Our partnership with this brand will only develop and expand, says Gary Knight – MD, as we are committed to only offering products to our clients that we ourselves have vetted and approved of. We are excited to be able to offer bespoke solutions to an ever growing market place and look forward to a long and continued relationship’